The Caballero Dirt Pit has been selling sand and batture dirt since 1957.  The unique conture of the land and curve in the Mississippi River allowed the deposit of a mixture of sand and batture dirt that extends almost a mile from the levee to the river up to 30 above sea level. 

    A Volvo EC240 will load large trailers and dump trucks in a couple of minutes.  The ph of the sand is neutral and depending on your needs the organic matter can range from .5 to 4%.  No job is too big (having loaded in the past up to 400 yards per hour) or too small (even loading a pickup truck).  The pit is open 24/7 by appointment.  Please call 225-717-4368 or email for more information.


For centuries dirt and sand have drifted down the Mississippi River.  As the water swirls with the swift current it slows down at certain points long enough for the dirt and sand to settle out creating a batture.  This happens mainly during floods and when the water receeds, the sand and dirt builds the batture a little higher each year.  The time the batture sand and dirt is dry, seeds begin to grow and a layer of vegitation covers the ground.  Another rise of the the river over the batture dirt and sand kills the growth and covers with more bature dirt and sand.  This process continued to happen for centuries leaving behind some of the most fertile and unique deposits of batture dirt and sand anywhere.


Our sand and batture dirt pit is located a little north of Donaldsonville.  The address is 5577 Hwy 405 Donaldsonville, La  70346.  Once turning off of La 1 on Hwy 405, my ramp is exactly 2.9 miles and is marked by a large sign on the levee "Caballero Sand and Dirt Pit".  Please call ahead. 225-717-4368  Thanks,  Chris 


Chris Caballero

Cell:  1-225-717-4368

Phone: +1 225 473-3916


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