From Gag Gifts to Real Sand, you can purchase a variety of items in the pit! Just click on the subtitle you are interested in to gather further information.

Land Deed Gag Gift

Give the receipant a gift of land with an official looking Land Deed on real stock certificate paper with your signature.  After the amazement and thank you's for giving them land, they ask where the land is located and how much.  You direct them to open up the next present and they get there land, a tiny vial of dirt from the Banks of the Mississippi River;)  Everyone bursts out in laughter!


Sand from the Mississippi River

Perfect for school projects.  Add real sand from the banks of the mississippi river.  Order in a zip lock bag to attach with your report or science project or choose a vial to stand on it's own. 



Black or White Hoe - Gag Gift

Another awesome gag gift for any occasion but especially 40th and 50th birthday parties.  Give an actual black hoe or white hoe.  A real field hoe, painted to your desired color with hair on the top of the handle with eyes, nose and a smile painted on.  The reciepant, upon seeing the gift will exclaim, "you bought me a hoe", and everyone will burst out in laughter.  He/she will dance and hold on to the hoe for the rest of the night. 


Bulk Batture Sand or Batture Dirt

Truckloads of Batture Sand and Batture Dirt are shipped daily from Cabs Pit.  We are located in the Donaldsonville Louisiana area.  I load trucks and trailers with a volvo 240 escavator in a couple of minutes. Pickup trucks are welcome.  Please contact me if you are interested in a quote for any amount of material.